One passion project can change the entire trajectory of your life. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, writer, filmmaker, photographer, or whatever you aspire to become; passion projects are the doorway to igniting your dream career. This is your chance to truly express your creative freedom, hone your skills, and create a brand for yourself without any risk.

So what is a passion project exactly? It is an investment you make with your time, money, and effort for doing something you love. So go ahead think. What is your passion project going to be about? What is your idea? What are you going to invest months of time and love into without any monetary return? Take your time. Write it down. When you’re ready with your idea you can come back to this.

Okay. So you’re ready to start your Passion Project? Before you get started, I’d like share with you three key things you need to know before you begin your passion project.

1.) Mindset

Don’t start thinking about monetizing just yet. Just focus on creating the best possible work you can. Love every moment of creating without any restraint. There are no rules here. This your time to truly express yourself. Set your mind to having the most fun you possibly can when working on your project

2.) Commitment

Look at your life history. Are you someone who starts something but doesn’t finish? If you are, make sure you are truly serious about this idea and are willing to do everything in your power to motivate yourself to finish. There is nothing worse than starting something and sharing it publicly then not finishing it. It takes a big hit on your personal brand. Be ready to commit and reach the finish line.

3.) Load. Shoot. Aim.

Once you have your idea, you have set your mind, and are ready to commit. Start. Don’t even begin to think about the “what ifs” or “I’ll start whens”. Load. Shoot. Aim.

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