“No one is going to pick you. Pick yourself.”  – Seth Godin.

Publisher’s pick interesting authors to distribute the best books. Director’s pick the perfect actors/actresses to star in their Hollywood Film. An investor is waiting to invest in an entrepreneur with the next billion dollar idea. Sitting around in a huge pile of resumes, video reels, and books, our success can be in the hands of the “gatekeepers”. Should someone else determine whether you fulfill your life-long dreams?

As marketing mastermind Seth Godin described, “It’s embedded in our culture to seek out the approval and stamp of qualification from an authority figure saying, “I pick you.” The good news is “gatekeepers” are starting to lose their power. Today you are seeing more self-published best-selling authors, super-star youtube actors, and self-made millionaires on the news. Once we realize that we can pick ourselves, we no longer have to wait in a pile papers and we can actually start working on our dreams of success.

Don’t know how to start? Here are 3 steps you can take now to start picking yourself for success:

1.) Start a Passion Project and Make it Public

A passion project is an investment you make with your time, money, and effort for doing something you love (Ex. E-Book, A Youtube video series, small-business, ect.). Remember with these projects, don’t expect to achieve a large financial gain. These are just used to fuel your passion and refine your craft. See our article on “Starting Your Passion Project”.

As you develop your Passion Project, it is very important that you tell all your friends and family while sharing the journey of its completion on all your social media channels. Why? You can’t sell a product or service without an audience. Sharing your passion project will help you build an audience until you are truly ready to deliver a product or service.

2.) Use Social Media To Make “Good Friends”

Social media is the largest marketplace with a free audience; however, success doesn’t happen overnight. It will take time to build your audience on social media. So you are going to have to create quality post(s) at least once or twice everyday. Think of it like this: What happens when you talk to someone everyday? The chances are likely you become good friends and even more likely if you have quality conversations. The same concept applies to social media, sharing quality content is an entertaining conversation between your brand and your audience.  If you keep up those good conversations, you will start to build a large group of good friends.

3.) Act Now

What are you waiting for? Start brainstorming on your Passion Project now. Write down 10 ideas. Pick the best one and start. The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time to start is now.

If you are ready to grow your business and make your dreams possible let us help you. Our team has helped several brands grow their businesses, exceed their goals, and achieve their dreams with our effective marketing strategies and beautiful brand designs. If you would like to learn more, take advantage of our limited time offer to schedule a Free 30-Minute Consulting session to learn how you can grow your business today.

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