In order to understand another perspective, one must indulge himself or herself into the market of that perspective. As an Asian American, it is easy to understand how our culture influences habits in our lifestyle. However, we at MORALE wanted to dig deeper to see how other Asian Americans feel towards the same topic. Thus, we went to the 626 Night Market, one of the largest celebration of Asian traditions and pop culture, to ask Asian Americans what intrigued them to come out and what does it mean for them to be an Asian American. Check out our experience below:

From all of the Asian Americans we interviewed, we found that they all mentioned their heritage, culture, and food. Thus, it is not a surprise to see such an uproar in the Asian American community on Bon Appetit’s “How to Eat Pho” video.

You’re probably wondering, so Why Should I Reach Asian American Consumers?

Let’s get straight to the facts:

For more statistics and information check it out here.

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Images: NVIDIA used under Creative Commons

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