Thousands of times we have been stuck thinking for hours with little progression on developing an idea for a project. As this became more frustrating, we needed to find ways to develop ideas quicker and more effectively.

So we created some activities that would help make the process a lot more effective and enjoyable in the office. This one is called Russian Roulette and no… it’s not the game Russians play that involves killing yourself. Well…partly, but it’s only the metaphor that will help you develop your ideas more efficiently.


Here is how to play:

* Required Materials: A few pieces of paper, a pen/pencil, and timer


1.) Define and Rank your metrics of success

Define and rank at least 3 criterias on what makes an idea good. Before you start russian roulette, you are going to need to define the criterias that will make your idea successful. Spend some time thinking about this and understanding exactly why the criteria you’ve selected define the success of your ideas. Once you define at least three criterias, write them down on the top of the paper. This step is extremely important, so take your time on this one.


2.) Spin the revolver

Take some time to reflect on the criterias you have written down. Give yourself 30 seconds. When you are ready, set the timer for 1 minute and begin writing down anything that comes to your head. Literally anything and everything. Don’t worry too much on writing down a silly or dumb idea. Your goal within this minute is to write down 10 ideas that may match your criteria. After the minute is completed, take a 30 second break. Then start again. Complete this step 10 times. In less than 20 minutes, you should have close to 100 ideas to pick from.

Tip: The key to surviving this game is to just keep going. You can think but don’t stop to think too much. If you’re stuck, just write down something absurd. It may just inspire a better idea on the next round.


3.) Shoot Them Down

Now that you have 100 ideas to pick from, you are going to filter your bad ideas using the criteria you defined in step one. When you filter, it is crucial that you go in order or importance.

For example: Using your first key criteria, you are going to cross out all of the ideas on your list that do not meet this criteria. For the remaining ideas, you then move to the second round of filtering using your second most important criteria. Then the same with your third and so on and so forth.

After filtering all your 100 ideas, you should have more than few great ideas to begin your project! If you aren’t satisfied with your results, you can always play a couple more rounds of russian roulette. After all you’ve only spent 20 minutes.

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