How important is presentation and packaging?

Research has shown that when businesses pay attention to their packaging and presentation, consumer interest grows by 30 percent. Here at Morale, we wanted to test that theory with some apple juice and cups.


Throughout the day we interviewed 15 prospects at a local park. Of those people, 12 preferred the red cups and 3 preferred the clear cups. However, the entire 15 prospects all said the red one tasted sweeter.

Could it be the bright red color or the feel of the cup?

Some key points from this experiment were:

  • The presentation of the red cup gave the taste of a sweeter flavor, thus presentation does influence consumer behaviour
  • Fancy, expensive packaging does not guarantee great results
  • Ultimately, all packaging and presentation needs to compliment the product or service.

Which cup would you choose?

Let us know your thoughts and drop a line below!

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Images: NVIDIA used under Creative Commons

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