Frank Shankwitz

Founder of Make-A-Wish Foundation

Creating a website that inspires & captivates.

Frank Shankwitz has been featured in Forbes and Business Insider for his keynote speaking on the story behind The Make-A-Wish Foundation. Frank has inspired students from the Ohio State University, Harvard Business School, and thousands of audiences around the world.

It has been Frank’s dream to continue to inspire larger audiences around the world. To do so, he needed to create a captivating website that could impress corporate booking agents and garner larger speaking engagements.

Frank’s dream is to inspire larger audiences around the world with the Wish Man Story.

Captivating & Engaging

Frank’s story was extremely touching and emotional to our team. When designing and developing Frank’s website we knew we needed to capture the essence of the emotion and inspiration behind the creation of Make-A-Wish Foundation. To create a captivating first impression, we utilized existing video content of Frank and pieced together an engaging video for the home page.

Easy UI/UX

Frank’s dream is to inspire larger audiences with the Wish Man story. So we made the browsing experience easy for the end user, the corporate booking agent. Throughout the website, we have added easy to use contact forms and highlighted call-to-actions which all can be founded within one click.


Seamless across all platforms.

51% of internet browsing occurs on mobile. With this in mind, we ensured that Frank’s captivating and engaging website was communicated seamlessly across all platforms. Our team adjusted all website design elements to fit each platform effectively.

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