Greg S. Reid


Forbes Top 10 Speaker, Best Selling Author, FilmMaker

Crafting a champion’s website.

Greg S. Reid has traveled around the world and spoken on stages from The Pentagon to Harvard University, he’s met and interviewed everyone from Steve Wozniak (one of the founders of Apple) to Dr. Frank Shakwitz (Founder of Make A Wish Foundation). Greg is a world class speaker vowed by Forbes to be the top 10 speakers.

Greg came and asked us to do a major overhaul to his current website, which has contents all over the place. Greg needs a huge facelift and a website that’s results driven and aesthetically appealing to impress his prospects and audiences.


Greg speaks approximately 50 times a year and has shared the stage with legends from Richard Branson to Buzz Aldrin.

Result Oriented & Engaging

With a businessman of Greg’s statue, we knew interactive visual was the key ingredient to the success of this project. Greg’s speaking events is pact with power and energy, basically the feeling that makes you want to jump-out of your seat. To mirror the same vibe from his speaking events, we went with a full-width custom edited video on the home page.

The public speaking industry is all about word-of-mouth and winning leads, so we’ve strategically placed call-to-actions (COA) throughout the site to engage with the audience. Greg is also a bestselling author with 10+ books under his belt, we’ve designed a bookstore including his top bestsellers and direct the sales traffic directly to his Amazon account.

Simplicity is king.

With a massive load of contents and digital assets from Greg, our team was able to craft a seamless design with relevant content and captivating multimedias.

Seamless across all platforms.

51% of internet browsing occurs on mobile. With this in mind, we ensured that Greg’s captivating and engaging website was communicated seamlessly across all platforms. Our team adjusted all website design elements to fit each platform effectively.

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