Health 2 Humanity


Save lives with soap. Fight for sustainable change.

Global Site that Makes Impact.

Health 2 Humanity creates movement for the development of people, sustainable hygiene, and #NoMoreDirtyHands. They believe that the purchase of everyday products can do so much more than supply big corporations. Every Health 2 Humanity purchase helps fund international vocational programs that create jobs, grant scholarships, develop skills, and improve the lives of people around the world.

Health 2 Humanity partnered up with Morale and create a global website that encompass an E-commerce environment while sustain a results driven and impactful design. The website entails contents including H2H’s global impact and happenings across the globe, including blogs, videos, while incorporating social sharing and various different elements to make this a globally impactful website.

Improve lives of people around the world and putting an end to global health inequality.

Fresh E-commerce Experience

With soap being commodity of the trade, we knew right off the bat a simple yet fresh design is in order. We’ve crafted the perfect E-commerce storefront and shopping experience, and it all starts from the home page. The product image compliments overarching design and the colors compliments each other.

Bringing the impact, operations, global footprints and clarity of the message of Health 2 Humanity was a priority. We’ve carefully assessed the positioning of each elements and placed the contents accordingly throughout the site.

Impact Continuity.

Health 2 Humanity’s global operations are growing at a rapid pace. As an participant to this movement, it’s important to keep up with their progress and impacts. Morale has implement multiple tools and visual aids to keep track of Health 2 Humanity’s global footprint.

Seamless across all platforms.

51% of internet browsing occurs on mobile. With this in mind, we ensured H2H’s E-commerce ready site is captivating and engaging while communicated seamlessly across all platforms. Our team adjusted all website design elements to fit each platform effectively.

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