R&B Artist

Creating a brand that resonates.

Based out of Los Angeles, NIEMAN aims to bring content with depth and substance back to the R&B genre that is saturated with the same themes and messages. Known for exhibiting uniqueness in approach, confidence in sound and a pure perspective on music, NIEMAN believes in staying true to the genre, but continually elevating and pushing the envelope sonically. 

It’s NIEMAN’s dream to support his family with his music career. To do so, NIEMAN needed a platform that portrayed him as a professional artist with an established brand.

NIEMAN's dream is to support his family with his music career.

Modern Classic

NIEMAN strives to remain true to the 1960’s art form of Rap & Blues while exhibiting a modern touch with his music. His music often comes from an intimate and personal place in life. So when designing the logo, it was our goal to capture this feeling while achieving a balance between classical and modern.

Captivating & Engaging

When designing and developing NIEMAN’s website we knew we needed to capture the essence of personal, modern, and eclectic to best fit his sonic genre. To create a captivating experience, we used large images of NIEMAN that created a strong feeling of emotion.

Easy UI/UX

As an aspiring artist, NIEMAN need a platform that would resonate with his audience and establish a professional brand to garner more gigs. With this in mind, we made the browsing experience easy for the end user, the fans and the booking agent. Throughout the website, we have added easy to use contact forms and highlighted call-to-actions which all can be found within one click.


Seamless across all platforms.

51% of internet browsing occurs on mobile. With this in mind, we ensured that NIEMAN’s captivating and engaging website was communicated seamlessly across all platforms. Our team adjusted all website design elements to fit each platform effectively.

Transform Your Business Within 30-Minutes.

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